VR social media data visualization

vr social media data visualization showing user’s friends on facebook This project show user’s friends from facebook represented as points on an orb. User’s can interact with object which presents basic data related to their friends from facebook . Client: Graficdreamer LLC Role: Design, Strategy, VR Developer

VR health stat visualization

Ebola infection incidences data visualization presented in virtual reality Virtual Reality experience exploring the Ebola infection incidences in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The objective here was to present data in an easy to grasp and intuitive present whats happening on the ground in cities, towns and villages struck by Ebola infections. Role: Design, strategy, […]

VR Bar Chart

Virtual Reality bar chart representing subscription stats Virtual Reality data visualization presenting monthly/yearly subscription stats. This visualization allowed the client to bare witness to a total picture where they could see their data in dimensions not possible prior with traditional 2D charts. Role: Design and strategy